Vellore's pride Golden Temple, when we listen to this, we might be reminded about Sikh’s Golden Temple-Amritsar. But, this Golden Temple was constructed in 100 acres land with a blooming landscape at Siripuram village, 6km away from the Vellore City, Tamil Nadu.

The temple, covering 55,000 sq ft area, has intricate carvings and sculptures in gold. Except the walking path, the entire structure has been made of gold and copper. About 400 goldsmiths and coppersmiths have completed the architectural marvel in gold in six years..

More than one and half tone of pure gold glitter and gleam under the sun, Devotees hail the temple as 'one of the wonders of the world' and say that it is the only temple covered fully with gold.

Visiting golden temple with peaceful environment and sound of chanting that makes our will and life peaceful, pulls us out from gloominess, refreshes our mind and we will be come back with a confidence that can shapes us to achieve anything.

Place to visit and enjoy at least once in our life time.

The golden temple has been designed in such a way that visitors can reach the golden temple only after going through a star-shaped pathway, which has the quotes from Gita, Bible and Quran displayed on either side of the pathway.We can have darshan of god in one hour.

Make a visit and enjoy the location.


Chennai - Vellore  about 150 kms

Bangalore - Vellore (via Hosur) - 220 kms

Kanchipuram - Vellore - 58 kms

Tirupathi - Katpadi - 95 kms

Ranipet - Vellore - 26 kms (via Arcot bypass - highways 22 kms)

Hyderabad - Vellore - 510 kms

Mysore - Vellore - 270 kms

Thiruvannamalai - Vellore - 85 kms

     Vellore - Sripuram Sri Mahalakshmi Golden Temple - 8 KM

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